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Terms & Conditions


 By visiting our website (MaaxGPU.com), you hereby accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy which can be accessed at (MaaxGUP.com), which is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference to it. These Terms and Conditions will be considered act as a binding legal contract between yourself and MaaxGPU. If there are any terms and conditions that you disagree with or do not wish to adhere to, please discontinue your use of this Website.

 These Terms and Conditions will also specifically include the terms in which you agree by when purchasing from our Website. Upon completion of an order, you will have be deemed to have read and be bound by these terms and conditions. Only with a written agreement set out by yourself and MaaxGPU, will the Terms and Conditions be altered or amended in any way. If there has been no written agreement stating the former, then any change to these Terms and Condition will be void and legally unenforceable. MaaxGPU has the right to change these Terms and Conditions to reflect business and societal developments at any point of time, without prior written notice.. 



 This Website is the Intellectual Property of MaaxGPU. The entirety of the contents of this Website is protected by US copyright and/or trademark law. Any breach of our rights will be pursued through the applicable legal enforcement bodies.

 MaaxGPU grants you permission to use this Website and its contents on the conditions that you use the content appropriately and by the Terms and Conditions as set out. MaaxGPU does not give you permission to (i) use this Website for commercial use; (ii) alter or distribute any of the Content on this Website; and (iii) imitate or display any of the Content for any reason that is not personal use, including replicating such content onto another Website.

 If any of these terms are deemed to have been breached, automatically our permission granted to you to access this Website will be revoked, and legal action may be taken against you.



 As referred to in the Privacy Policy, this Website may from time to time contain links that will direct you to a third-party Website. We urge you to read through their Privacy Policies and Terms of Conditions as their Website is no reflection of MaaxGPU’s own Website. Our links are provided simple as a matter of convenience to you. It does not mean that MaaxGPU endorses or agrees with any opinions or views that are expressed on the linked Website. Accessing these Websites will be at your own risk and your own responsibility to take precautionary measures to ensure that your computer and data is well protected at all times.



Any product that is advertised on our site will be if otherwise not stated, in U.S. dollars. This extends to any services in connection with that product, such as shipping and taxes. MaaxGPU has the right and the discretion to amend its terms of payment. Unless it is otherwise agreed to in written form, MaaxGPU must be paid before MaaxGPU will confirm an order has been made. Although we strive to accurately and truthfully display all products on this Website, MaaxGPU will not be responsible for any clerical errors, that may result in MaaxGPU ultimately cancelling an order due to the aforementioned error.

 Upon shipment from MaaxGPU’s warehouse / shipping location, all risk of damage or risk of loss passes directly to the customer, to the extent permitted by law. If you have reason to believe that your product has been damaged or lost while in transit for delivery, please contact us within five business days of receiving such damaged property, or a short shipment, or from the time you believe it should have arrived, if it has not, so that we can try to efficiently address and rectify the issue with Freight Forwarder.



All of the products that are purchased via MaaxGPU, are provided with a warranty.

 This warranty provides that all purchases secured via MaaxGPU will be free of defects for the applicable time period as set out in your packing slip or invoice, which is measured from the date of delivery. Furthermore, MaaxGPU provides that all products purchased via this Website will be free from all aesthetic defects and will be ‘as seen’ in original purchase.

 All purchases come with it, access to help and online support for the time period of the warranty of the product.

 Products purchased via MaaxGPU are provided with a repair or replacement guarantee with no parts or labour costs to you, within 40-90 days, if they are deemed to contain material defects such as pixel defects. Out with this, all other products purchased via MaaxGPU will follow our standard warranty policy during their specific time period that the warranty is applicable.

Please note that MaaxGPU urges you to operate and safely use your product when also using cable or power supplies not purchased through MaaxGPU. MaaxGPU will not be responsible for the performance of the purchases bought through MaaxGPU if they are being used and operated by means of third-party equipment.

 Products purchased through MaaxGPU come with an optional 1 year, 2 year, or 3 years Parts and Free Shipping warranty. Please note however, that all batteries are only guaranteed for one year, while paint and artwork is only guaranteed for six months. The information on your invoice or packing slip will be able to inform you as to which warranty you have purchased.


The warranty omits and excludes:

  • All non-MaaxGPU branded products. These will be provided as is under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All software.
  • All actions that are caused by events that fall under Force majeure, such as floods, weather related incidents among others, or even being struck down with the almighty hand of God. We cannot foresee or prevent such acts; thus, the warranty does not cover as such.
  • Damage as a result of your own hand through mishandling or abuse.
  • Unauthorised attempts to modify the product in any way.
  • Any product that has not been in full to MaaxGPU.
  • Any parts or products not originally bought through this Website.


If you believe there has been a fault or an issue that will need to be addressed during the time period of your warranty, please contact our technicians as your first resort. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and solving problems. If such issue or fault is deemed to be covered by your warranty, we will either send you a replacement part or ask that you return your product to us so that we can repair it. If we need to replace a part, we will request a valid credit card number from you at time of shipment. However, you will not be charged for this replacement if the original part is returned to us within five business days after you have been deemed to have received the replacement part. You will only be charged if you do not return to us the original part, and you will be charged at the current market value for the replacement part. We aim to ensure that all replacements parts are new, or at the least in a better functionable condition and performance than the original part. The replacement parts come with a warranty period of thirty days or in line with the current warranty period remaining, whichever is longer. All shipping expenses are covered in the warranty, as long as the addresses remain within in the standard area / country code.

 Please note that all original products returned to us for repair must be within its original or equivalent packaging. All shipping expenses will be covered as set out by the warranty, as long as the address or addresses remain within the standard area / country code.

 Upon inspection of a repair, our technicians will provide you with all the information and options as to what repairs will be carried out.

 If our technicians believe there is no issue to be addressed, or that the error or fault is not covered by the provided warranty, MaaxGPU’s technicians will inform you of all the options available to you. If no issue is found, then it is you as the customer that is liable for the return shipment.

 It is your responsibility to ensure that all data and files are backed up before you send to us your product for either repair, or replacement. It is also your responsibility to ensure that all confidential information is removed. MaaxGPU is not responsible for any of the information stored on your PC, and as to whether it is lost or damaged.


The above warranty specifications and the warranty itself does apply to all products shipped outside of the US. The only essential difference is that you as the customer are responsible for all costs associated with the shipping of your product and any replacement/repair of your product.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding your warranty, please contact our technical support team at **** or ******.

 MaaxGPU hereby confirms that the warranty that you are provided with, provides you with legal rights as to the enforcement of the warranty. These rights may vary according to the jurisdiction you reside under. The maximum liability that MaaxGPU will possess in regard to you and your purchases, is limited to the purchase price that was originally paid by you for your products or services. Under the applicable law, MaaxGPU is not liable or responsible for property damage, personal injury, loss of use, interruption of business, “Down time”, lost data or other consequential damages.



You have the express right to cancel your purchase. However, your cancellation has to be carried out within five days from the date of purchase. This is because of the nature of MaaxGPU, after five days from your purchase date, it will be assumed that we at MaaxGPU will have undertaken work to complete your order. If your order is cancelled after five days, you will be subject to fees that are equal to the price of such services carried out.

 All returns will have to be returned within 30 days and be returned in their original sealed packaging. All customized services provided are not refundable, however. All fees associated with taxes and shipping, are not refundable.

 Please contact a member of the MaaxGPU service team and provide them with your invoice and serial numbers or your merchandise, before you return your purchase. Our service team will provide you with a Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) number. Once you have been supplied with your RMA number, you must ship the merchandise within five business days. Everything that was included originally, must be returned. We urge that you insure your shipment or endure the risk of loss or damage of such product. We aim to ensure that your refund is processed within five business days after we have received your return and it has been inspected and processed by our team.

 As aforementioned, if you are an international customer, all shipping costs and all costs associated with shipping will be incurred by you.



MaaxGPU shall not be liable for any damage that exists beyond the remedies as set out in these Terms and Conditions. For example, MaaxGPU is not responsible for lost profits or loss of business. As aforementioned under the WARRANTY section, you accept that MaaxGPU will not be responsible for any costs that go above the original purchase price of your merchandise from MaaxGPU.



If you purchase or receive software through MaaxGPU, the software provided is subject to the license agreement as set out in the package that you receive from MaaxGPU. Once you have removed the original packaging of the software, you will be deemed to be bound by the terms of the licensing agreement. The title to the software will remain with the software’s licensor. MaaxGPU does not warrant any software.



By buying through MaaxGPU, you confirm that the products are for your own use and are not to be resold. Exceptions will be made if you are able to satisfy all conditions of resale for MaaxGPU and have provided all necessary written material before the date of purchase.



These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of *****. Any dispute or legal claim that arises from your relationship with MaaxGPU will be arbitrated and presided over by a suitable legal body or a court of competent jurisdiction located in *****.



You hereby confirm that you will not register or own any Internet domain name that contains or professes to contain a MAAXGPU trademark or trade name in whole or part that may cause confusion to an officious bystander.



If it is so found that a provision of these Terms and Conditions are deemed to be invalid or unenforceable wholly or partially, then such provision will be deemed to be removed from the Terms and Conditions. In doing this, the remainder of the provisions in this document will be held to still be in full effect.